Sunday, 17 August 2014

Kate Duncan makes Cutting Boards + Wooden Chocolate Cake?

The 2013 Interior Design Show West (IDSwest) introduced Kate Duncan, a designer and fine woodworker, and I - even though during the four-day, ALL-day event, we did not manage to meet in person. (And a gregarious person would even consider our booths neighbours.) The fact that simple tasks such as going to the restroom and getting lunch required a "favour" system with your fellow sellers greatly reduced my mobility. You know, someone must man the booth at all times! I was so set on that concept, fearing that an eager buyer would arrive at just the most inopportune time. Alas, that constantly forced auspiciousness drained my energy and left me demoralized at this whole "craft fair" thing. 

Perhaps it was this same reason that Kate wanted to design her own kind of pop-up shop. She asked me (and several other local makers) to join. I sort of did, still not trusting my salesmanship. But she went all out and did an amazing job, at The Chinatown Experiment - in all her many roles as a leader, curator, and as always, designer. She would spent hours setting up the space and then plop down on the floor, have a beer with someone while singing along to the music that she just turned up. I mentioned to her how I am really into making videos. She said, "We should make a video, too!" And she actually means what she says. So, this happened. 

That one weekend I just followed her around her 1000 Parker Street Studio (a place so cool that it merits its own post) while she made her beautiful cutting boards. Surveying the space, I became fascinated by how much the wood shavings resembled chocolate curls (I am, like, literally, fascinated by the littlest things.) and how black walnut is basically blocks of chocolate. But of course, she indulged this by making a spin-off video where she made a "chocolate" sponge cake for me. 

A wooden "chocolate" cake that I later decorated with wood shavings and things you'd find in a woodworking studio. A very delicious spin-off. A bitter-to-sweet story? I will stop now.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Wave Machine ver. 3: FiberLab Symphony Orchestra

Ladies and gentlemen. Please allow me to present the FiberLab Symphony Orchestra, consisting of 1 perforated hardboard, 2 craft rings, 12 wooden trims, 288 wooden balls, 720 metal findings, and about 1500 feet of nylon string - all accompanied by the ravishingly beautiful String Quartet No. 2 by Alexander Borodin. 

Everything is connected, and just works because of a simple concept. Powered by hand with no help from motors and electricity, it almost dares to lean toward the hipster spectrum. But again, this piece of music was already cool in the 1880s. Anyway, here are some screen captures for you:

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wave Machine Ver. 2 - the Carousel / a Moveable Feast

And I keep plugging away at this Wave Machine thing. With its new look modelled after the Eiffel Tower Carousel, it now generates two kinds of waves when you move the top ring and flag pole individually. More interestingly, combining the two motions adds the two waves together and allows you to observe a physics phenomenon called wave interference. Observe what happens when two different waves propagate through each other.
The resulting wave becomes amplified or cancelled depending on how the original two interact with each other. The plan is to continually develop this "toy" and hopefully it will engage more girls in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields in the future. 

I've also been having a lot of fun learning Adobe After Effects from Youtube channels like ECAbrams and Mt. Mograph. Thank you, Evan and Matt, for making learning tutorials totally binge-watching worthy. 

Paper Exchange: Bowtie for a Story

I just had this idea, and I am sending it out into the vast world of the internet, expecting zero responses. But it goes like this: Tell me why you would like to have one of my paper bowties and I may just send one over to you! All I ask in return is that you send me a photo of it being worn (and permission to use the photo). For example:
Be creative! And please keep in mind that this is an effort for effort project. Email me at: justina @ (no spaces) And we will see what happens...

Friday, 20 June 2014

How to cover up that ugly ceiling lamp - RAMEKIN: have dessert, everyday

new product alert!
Turn everyday into dessert.

Whether you are a renter or just too busy for re-wiring, the RAMEKIN lamp shade is the solution for that unsightly ceiling light in your otherwise perfect apartment. Make a bold statement with this unique piece! More information here